Orange Citrus

Refreshing notes of orange citrus flavor and the perfect amount of carbonation – meet your new favorite orange soda. All Keef Classic Sodas are caffeine-free.

Orange Citrus is an EDIBLE BEVERAGE cannabis product meant for the use of adults 21+ only!

1 Standard 12 oz. Can | 10mg THC each serving | 10mg THC total | 0mg CBD

Infused with hybrid blended distilled cannabis oil extracted with ethanol.

0.010g Cannabis flower equivalent

Ingredients In order of Abundance: Reverse Osmosis Water, Sugar, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Cannabis Extracted Oil, Gum Arabic, and Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate.

ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH SERVICES’ WARNING: Marijuana use can be addictive and can impair an individual’s ability to drive a motor vehicle or operate heavy machinery. Marijuana smoke contains carcinogens and can lead to an increased risk for cancer, tachycardia, hypertension, heart attack, and lung infection. Marijuana use may affect the health of a pregnant woman and the unborn child. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Using marijuana during pregnancy could cause birth defects or other health issues to your unborn child.

The Distribution Chain

Cultivated by: High Desert Healing in Avondale, Arizona. License 00000014ESNA15249640 

Processed by: Copperstate Farms. License 00000019DCGM00234427

Produced and packaged by: High Desert Healing in Avondale, Arizona. License 00000014ESNA15249640 

Distributed by: Medical Pain Relief in Phoenix, Arizona. License 00000010ESIR42914838

Sold to these Arizona licensed Arizona Dispensaries:

101010 Management LLC    00000139ESDD30084191

203 Organix, Llc    00000070ESCO78837103

4245 Investments Llc    00000036ESXU42814428

46 Wellness Llc    00000128ESJI00619914

480 License Holdings, LLC    0000154ESTQI31348041

Abaca Inc.    00000116ESSM79524188

Abedon Saiz Llc    00000052ESLX15969554

Absolute Health Care Inc    00000027ESMP88938972

Ad, Llc    00000006ESWX56565424

AGI Management LLC    00000142ESIL74759395

All Greens Inc    00000033ESLY55591549

All Rebel Rockers Inc    00000131ESYX97720376

Apache County Dispensary LLC    00000133ESGJ79432018

Arizona Cannabis Society Inc    00000042ESJB38310180

Arizona Golden Leaf Wellness, Llc    00000067ESBS89254298

Arizona Natural Pain Solutions I    00000096ESWI60030184

Arizona Natures Wellness    00000030ESDG72791381

Arizona Organix    00000095ESIP13817359

Arizona Tree Equity 2    0000170ESTVQ68678199

Arizona Wellness Collective 3, Inc    00000044ESZW01555573

AZCL1    00000054ESDU93884651

Az Compassionate Care Inc    00000076ESON21559195

AZ Flower Power LLC    0000148ESTMY68096274

AZGM 3, LLC    00000040ESDX57445071

Blue Palo Verde 1, LLC    0000150ESTPZ83854528

Border Health, Inc    00000022ESMC44584355

Broken Arrow Herbal Center Inc    00000102ESWC76772229

Buds & Roses, Inc    00000028ESVU53788832

Byers Dispensary    00000003ESPF54627423

Cactus Bloom Facilities Management LLC    00000144ESQK21738687

Cannabis Research Group Inc    00000104ESDH57805022

Cardinal Square, Inc    00000132ESFR75101840

Catalina Hills Botanical Care Inc    00000025ESOX62486193

Cjk Inc    00000106ESEU57773093

Compassionate Care Of AZ, Inc.    00000091ESHS96689917

Copper State Herbal Center Inc    00000127ESET80222360

CSI Solutions, Inc.    00000012ESIS11195422

Curious Cultivators I LLC    0000155ESTWD37312465

Desert Boyz    0000153ESTXW47689762

Desert Medical Campus Inc    00000024DCTZ00479209 – 00000038ESPN59181329

Desertview Wellness & Healing Solutions, LLC    00000077ESTT45790153

Devine Desert Healing Inc    00000026ESRZ88769978

Dreem Green Inc    00000073DCSV00210732 – 00000078ESQG10647381


Earth’s Healing Inc    00000112ESWR37460976

East Valley Patient Wellness Group Inc    00000019ESXY11403163

Eba Holdings Inc.    00000068ESZM96727661

Encanto Green Cross Dispensary    00000101ESZO30906924

FJM Group LLC    00000141ESYC13235553

Forever 46 Llc    00000126ESDQ50929013

Formula 420 Cannabis, LLC    00000135ESGE19332725

Fort Consulting, Llc    00000064ESAK09838873

Fort Mountain Consulting, Llc    00000016ESBY46918805

Fwa Inc    00000062ESGQ60020478

G.T.L. Llc    00000034ESEZ92106085

Gila Dreams X, LLC    00000137ESPF58509627

Globe Farmacy Inc    00000108ESND56774062

Green Desert Patient Center Of Peoria    00000082ESUB29429633

Green Hills Patient Center Inc    00000103ESEK38100955

Green Lightning, LLC    0000157ESTHZ07905975

Greenmed, Inc    00000113ESLZ23317951

Green Medicine    00000094ESMX02282810

Greens Goddess Products, Inc    00000061ESIG65334270

Green Sky Patient Center Of Scottsdale    00000081ESLT56066782

Grunge Free LLC    0000160ESTDY36165846

Healing Healthcare 3 Inc    00000020ESEN67630727

Health For Life Inc    00000118ESDH66162163

Herbal Wellness Center Inc    00000032ESPT83532730

High Desert Healing Llc    00000007ESWD35270682

High Desert Healing Llc    00000014ESNA15249640

Higher than High I LLC    0000151ESTVN87881223

High Mountain Health, Llc    00000087ESWR93327597

Holistic Patient Wellness Group    00000015ESEM68131310

Jamestown Center    00000045ESYU34105986

Jamestown Center    00000046ESTW28902560

Joint Junkies I LLC    0000158ESTLH17620655

Juicy Joint I LLC    0000147ESTXX54706468

Kannaboost Technology Inc    00000048ESNO41782628

K Group Partners Llc    00000029ESAA16670843

Kind Meds Inc    00000088ESUZ76069650

Kwerles Inc    00000005ESIN89499585

Lawrence Health Services LLC    00000136ESTJ56415147

Legacy & Co., Inc.    00000006DCDX00478035 – 00000079ESTS64678211

Life Changers Investments LLC    0000156ESTDP70697204

MCCSE214, LLC    0000164ESTEB22806734

MCCSE240, LLC    0000169ESTMB88870542

MCCSE29, LLC    0000149ESTUL49249395

MCCSE82, LLC    0000165ESTJX05511145

MCD-SE Venture 25, LLC    0000167ESTML86118201

MCD-SE Venture 26, LLC    0000162ESTOS80671885

Medical Pain Relief Inc    00000010ESIR42914838

Medmar Tanque Verde Llc    00000039ESEZ33667642

MK Associates LLC    00000143ESKB17654619

Mmj Apothecary    00000100ESEC12878172

Mohave Cannabis Club 1, LLC    0000002DCJK00811479 –  00000098ESAA47054477

Mohave Cannabis Club 2, LLC    00000111DCCI00384281 – 00000119ESKK32735375

Mohave Cannabis Club 3, LLC   00000133DCEJ00283862 – 00000122ESRN95872973

Mohave Cannabis Club 4, LLC    00000123DCYU00460808 – 00000107ESVJ79465811

Mohave Valley Consulting, Llc    00000017ESMI32133238

Natural Herbal Remedies Inc    00000058ESFA63267513

Natural Relief Clinic Inc    00000073ESED95493026

Natural Relief Clinic Inc    00000066ESUJ44186931

Natural Remedy Patient Center    00000125ESMC92036121

Nature’s Healing Center Inc    00000041ESLU31226658

Nature’s Healing Center Inc    00000031ESCS44452076

Nature’s Wonder Inc    00000075ESJK64208740

Nature Med Inc    00000056ESPE92908314

Non Profit Patient Center Inc    00000037ESIX56363099

Ocotillo Vista, Inc.    00000051ESYP04501588

Organica Patient Group Inc    00000065ESNW69665422

Pahana, Inc.    00000018ESKD27426528

Patient Alternative Relief Center, LLC    00000086ESQZ01367420

Patient Care Center 301, Inc.    00000004ESAN63639048

Perpetual Healthcare, LLC    00000105ESDR54985961

Phoenix Relief Center Inc    00000047ESRJ75098505

Phytotherapeutics Of Tucson    00000049ESUK39624376

Pinal County Wellness Center    00000059ESZW76539792

Piper’s Shop LLC    00000138ESOA91816349

Pleasant Plants I LLC    0000159ESTFT57497963

Ponderosa Botanical Care Inc    00000109ESVM44878444

Pp Wellness Center    00000050ESTO08528992

Purplemed Inc    00000130ESFL12611544

Rainbow Collective Inc    00000124ESOS02903622

Rch Wellness Center    00000080ESNP00364439

Rjk Ventures, Inc.    00000035ESBO39198288

Salubrious Wellness Clinic Inc    00000071ESFP14031510

Sea Of Green Llc    00000057ESJG92466754

S Flower N Phoenix, Inc.    00000093ESRF39774783

S Flower SE 1, Inc    0000166ESTNU15027116

S Flower SE 2, Inc.    0000163ESTSO81819209

S Flower SE 3 Inc.    0000171ESTSC03605413

Sherri Dunn, Llc    00000055ESFL28376770

Sixth Street Enterprises Inc    00000090ESFB63917979

Sixth Street Enterprises Inc    00000092ESKW00353670

Sonoran Flower LLC    00000140ESDP54259308

Soothing Options    00000117ESPN93487198

Springerville Smoke, LLC    00000134ESWD58732580

Superior Organics    00000123ESYS35386603

Svaccha, Llc    00000011ESVC04035599

Svaccha, Llc    00000009ESJA48286920

Swallowtail 3, LLC    0000161ESTOJ23023764

Sweet 5, Llc    00000013ESHH20255089

The Desert Valley Pharmacy Inc    00000089ESLW87335751

The Giving Tree Wellness Center Of Mesa  Inc    00000008ESJT20615662

The Giving Tree Wellness Center Of North Phoenix Inc.    00000023ESLL63816994

The Green Halo Llc    00000120ESGW29293058

The Healing Center Farmacy Llc    00000074ESMJ87013698

The Healing Center Wellness Center Llc    00000115ESJB22990289

The Health Center Of Cochise Inc    00000099ESVM28064808

The Kind Relief Inc    00000053ESYR15319850

The Medicine Room Llc    00000084ESFH12297246

Total Accountability Patient Care    00000114ESQS66067289

Total Accountability Systems I Inc    00000110ESBL46708127

Total Health & Wellness Inc    00000060ESTV86857950

Total Health & Wellness Inc    00000021ESQX24132908

Uncle Harry Corp    00000129ESRG43839179

Valley Healing Group Inc    00000072ESRF58078256

Valley Of The Sun Medical Dispensary, Inc.    00000085ESVF25061802

Vending Logistics Llc    00000043ESPE02331128

Verde Dispensary Inc    00000063ESQI60809124

White Mountain Health Center Inc    00000083ESGB09219996

Whoa Qc  Inc    00000069ESPV40435704

Wickenburg Alternative Medicine Llc    00000097ESKC38985532

Woodstock 1    0000168ESTBM41952754

Yavapai Herbal Services, Inc    00000121ESBM38825533

Yavapai Herbal Services Inc    00000111ESTX14447382

Your Bright Horizon 192, LLC    0000152ESTNJ52349435

Yuma County Dispensary LLC    00000145ESNP12373673

Zonacare    00000024ESUV84524312