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Long week? Kick back, relax, and add a little balance to your life - you deserve it!🧘‍♀️

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Let’s raise a toast to cannabis-infused beverages!

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Happy fridge = happy life. 😎
What’s your favorite out of this lineup?!

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Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! 😄😄

What better way to celebrate than with some Cannabis-Infused Mango Mock-Margs?!

Ingredients needed:
1 Keef Mango Sparkling H2O
1 oz Simple syrup
4 limes
2 oranges
1.5 oz Mango nectar
Chili lime salt

Add 1 cup Keef Mango Sparkling H2O, 1 oz. simple syrup, juice of 2 oranges, juice of 3 limes, and 1.5 oz. mango nectar into a large glass or pitcher and stir. Add a small amount of honey to the rim of a glass and add chili lime salt. Fill the glass to the top with ice and pour in drink mixture. Cheers!

*This is a non-alcoholic beverage. Keef does not encourage mixing cannabis and alcohol.

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Brighten your day with a little Keef! 🌞

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Taco Tuesday pairs best with an ice cold cannabis-infused Mocktail! 🌮🌮🌮

What’s your favorite cannabis and food pairing? Comment below and tell us! 😋

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TREAT your self and your sweet tooth this evening with a delicious Mr. Puffer milkshake! 😋

Ingredients used:
- 1 can Keef Classic Soda Mr. Puffer
- 3-4 scoops of vanilla ice cream
- Your favorite toppings
- Optional: you can add about a handful of ice if you prefer thicker milkshakes

*This recipe makes one serving of 10mg THC. Please adjust to your personal tolerance if needed.

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With ZERO calories and ZERO sugar, you can now enjoy all of the highs with ZERO lows! 😉💦

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Looking for a mid-week pick-me-up? Keef’s gotcha covered! 😋😋

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No matter matter where your adventure took you this weekend, we hope you have a safe and fun Labor Day with an ice-cold Keef in your hand! ...

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Say hello to our new and improved Sparkling H2O line-up! 👋👋
• 10mg THC : 10mg CBD
• ZERO calories
• ZERO sugar
• Three delicious flavors: Blood Orange, Blackberry Coconut and Mango

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Ever consider drinking your cannabis? Here’s 5 reasons why we believe infused-beverages are worth raising a toast to!

1. No hangover - ditch the next day guilt for a good nights sleep instead.

2. Discrete - you’ll never need to leave the party to consume again.

3. Quicker effects - due to sublingual absorption, you can feel the effects within approximately 15-30 minutes versus traditional edibles that might take closer to an hour to feel.

4. No inhalation - no need to worry about any respiratory irritation.

5. Elongated cannabis experience - say goodbye to one gummy, sip an enjoy an entire can!

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Cheers to cannabis-infused soda!👍 ...

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Summer might almost be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to be. Soak up the last few rays of the season with an ice-cold Keef! ☀️🧊🦩 ...

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Keef’s Life H2O and Mocktails give you the flexibility to consume how and when you want. Sip it, shoot it, mix it, the choice is yours! ...

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Add a little balance to your life with these delicious and elevated fruit smoothies! Keep reading for our 2 serving Balance Smoothie recipe. 🍓🥝🫐🥭

- Keef’s Life H2O Strawberry Kiwi
- 1 cup frozen mangos
- 1 cup frozen blueberries
- 1 cup orange juice

Add all your frozen fruit and orange juice into a blender. Add in 2 capfuls of Keef’s Life H2O Strawberry Kiwi (20mg THC) and blend everything together. Pour into two glasses and enjoy with a friend!

*This recipe makes 2 servings. If you would like to make a single serving, cut all ingredients in half and add in 1 capful of Keef’s Life H2O Strawberry Kiwi (10mg THC).

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Slip into a slumber with Keef’s Life H2O + CBN 💤 ...

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Cheers to a fully stocked fridge!

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What would you do if there was a tightrope walk between you and the dispensary? Comment your answer below! 🤪

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