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Whether you are craving an all-time classic, or needing a boost in your day, Keef's got you covered. 🔥⁠
FLO | Caffinated beverage busrting with fruity flavors⁠
Original Cola | Non-caffinated twist on a classic favorite ⁠

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This isn't your mother's grape soda😜 ⁠
Keef's Purple Passion Classic Soda brings you your favorite classics but with the twist of THC to really mix things up! 🍇🌀

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Feeling blue has never felt or tasted better! 😋⁠
Needing some blue in your life? Follow these steps to get one in your hands today! ⁠
1.📍 Click the link in our BIO ⁠
2. Click "BUY NOW"⁠
3. Make sure your location is accurate ⁠
4. Find a dispensary near you carrying Keef Blue Razz ⁠
5. Order online (or in person at the dispensary) and head over to pick up your tasty treat! ⁠
6. ENJOY 🤪⁠


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Add balance to your life with Keef's Life H2O! ⁠
Now available with CBG! 🍓⚖️🥝⁠

Haven't heard of all the amazing things CBG can do for you? Let's go over a couple! ⁠
- Helps regulate your body's internal system⁠
- Anti-inflammatory ⁠
- Lowers blood pressure⁠
- Aids with sleep and loss of appetite ⁠
+ so much more! ⁠
📸: @o5creativelabs

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Orange you glad we added THC to BEVERAGES?!😋🔥⁠
Tag a friend who would LOVE an orange soda or a creamsicle! 🍊

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Ready for the hardest decision you've made all day? You can only pick one, which are you grabbing?! ⁠
Comment below and tell us... ready, GO! 🏃🏃🏃

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Ready to kick your week into ✨HIGH✨ gear?⁠
Fun fact, Keef's two Energy Beverages are our ONLY beverages that contain caffeine! 🤯

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Keef's Lemonade Mocktail is changing the game! 💪 Sip on it solo or add it to your favorite non-alcoholic beverage for a truly enjoyable experience! 😋 ...

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Here's to another day fueled by an iced-cold Keef! 🥂⁠
Tag the friend you're raising a toast with!

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Pull up a floatie and stay awhile 💦🥥⁠
This 1:1 THC:CBD drink is just what you need to lay back and forget the rest 😴

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A stocked fridge = a happy fridge!😄🔥 ⁠
Need help stocking yours?!⁠
• Click the link in our BIO📍⁠
• Tap "Find Product Near You"⁠
• This is will lead you to a dispensary carrying Keef!

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A Keef a day keeps the bogies away 🏌️☀️ ...

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So many delicious flavors to choose from, it can be hard to pick!🤯 ⁠
Head over to the link in our BIO and click "Keef Products" to learn all about which options are best for you! 🌈😋⁠
Got a question about a product? Leave a comment and let us hear it!

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Summer’s not over quite just yet! Make your last splash the best one yet with Keef’s refreshing Pineapple Mocktail! 💦🍍⁠
📍Click the link in our BIO, go to “Find Product Near You” to get your hands on one today! 👍

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Whatever the question may be, Strawberry Kiwi Life H2O is the answer🤤
Tag a friend who you’re sharing yours with!

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