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Keef is always down to PAR-TEE 🎉🏌🏻‍♂️ ...

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Summer just got a little more refreshing with our two newest flavors! ☀️💦😎

Comment below and tell us which one you can’t wait to try the most! 😋😋

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A duo that will never let you down!💪

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The ideal tropical vacation is just one sip away - and you don’t even have to deal with TSA! 🤪 ...

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Keef is thrilled to announce our newest flavor of Classic Soda, MR. PUFFER!

Now available in Colorado,
Coming soon to California! 😋

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Thank you @janie_jane420 for sharing what makes you love Keef! CHEERS! 🥳🎉⁠
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Cheers to a weekend NOT filled with hangovers and regret! 👍 ...

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There’s only one day better than Friday - THIRSTY THURSDAY!💦🤪

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Who’s up for a DELICIOUS Keef Pineapple Mule⁠?! 🍍

Total THC per drink: 10 MG ⁠
Serving Size: 1 person ⁠

Ingredients: ⁠
Keef Mocktail Pineapple, Ginger Beer, Lime Juice,⁠
Pineapple Juice, Ice, Sliced Pineapple and Mint to garnish⁠

Directions: ⁠
1. Fill copper mug to the top with ice. 2. Mix in 3 capfuls⁠ (10 MG THC) of Keef’s Mocktail Pineapple, pineapple juice, ⁠and ginger beer.
3. Stir and garnish with pineapple slices⁠ and mint leaves.⁠
4. Snap a pic and tag us in your tasty creation! 📸

Cheers! 😋

*This recipe makes one serving of 10 MG THC. A bottle of Keef Mocktail's can make 10 servings!

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Keef began in 2010 with one mission in mind - to include EVERYONE in the party! 🎉🥳🪩

It’s so crazy how widely accepted alcohol is while cannabis continues its uphill battle against stigmas and other judgements. Thanks @cannacuregenetics for sharing your perspective!

If you would like to share your experience with Keef, send us a DM with your testimony!

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"Sippin' while everyone else is sippin' too is good vibes!", we couldn't have said it better ourselves, @naturall.ate 🧉⁠
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Round up the whole crew this weekend for a Fruit Punch that's known to "punch" back! 💥🥊⁠

Keep reading to learn how to make this easy cannabis-infused punch bowl that will bring a smile to all your guests. ⁠
(10 servings of 10mg THC) ⁠

What you'll need: ⁠
1 Keef Mocktail Fruit Punch⁠
1 Jug of Fruit Punch ⁠
Large punch bowl or dispenser⁠

Directions: ⁠
Fill a punch bowl or drink dispenser with ice and add one jug of fruit punch juice. Stir in one whole bottle of Keef's Mocktail Fruit Punch. Pour 10 equal glasses of the punch, hand it out to your best buds, and propose a toast to a great weekend! ⁠

*This recipe is intended to share. NOT a single serving. ⁠

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Crack open a good time with a Keef Classic Soda! 🤪⁠
Do you prefer Bubba Kush Root Beer solo or in a float? Comment below and tell us!

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Everything you love about soda, but with a twist of THC! 🌀⁠
📍Click the link in our BIO to learn more about Keef, see what flavors we have to offer, and find a dispensary with Keef products near you!

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Thank you @brandonpierre710 for sharing how you have used cannabis to avoid alcohol yet still enjoy social events. We know so many can relate!

Comment “👍” below if you also use cannabis to avoid alcohol!

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Everything you love about grape soda, with an extra kick of THC! 🍇💥⁠
📍What you can find in our BIO: Where to find Keef products, education around how we make our drinks, merch, and more!

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Make today a little brighter ☀️☀️☀️ ⁠
Go say hi to your favorite budtender and pick up an ice-cold Keef!⁠

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