"We are thrilled to partner with industry leader BevCanna to bring Keef Brands to Canada and introduce consumers across three provinces a new way of drinking with friends,”
“Keef Brands is proud to partner with industry leader BevCanna to be at the forefront of this category. We invite cannabis consumers across the continent to come together and enjoy a drink with Keef Brands.”
"Keef Brands’ wide assortment of top-quality cannabis drinks that celebrate social consumption are now available in the province of Ontario with Alberta and British Columbia following closely behind."
"The transition of Tharp moving into the CEO role is the result of a long-planned succession."
“A core ethos of our company is that we invite everybody to the party, from your cannabis newbie to someone who’s worked in the industry for 10+ years and has a high tolerance."
"Going beyond the traditional THC and CBD to develop products, Keef’s innovative formulations push the cannabis industry envelope by offering more functional effects ranging from stimulation, relaxation to possible neuropathic benefits."
"The new formulations of Keef Life H2O are still infused with the phenome specific cannabis strains with which the line was originally developed, but now contain these added cannabinoids alongside the THC to further their functional purposes."
"Keef Brands, the country’s number one cannabis beverage brand as ranked by BDS Analytics, today unveiled its new series of cutting edge purpose-driven beverages with alternative cannabinoids."
"KEEF’S cans of classic soda come with a 10 mg kick"
"Instead of passing a joint around, weed drinks give everybody their own dose of cannabis to enjoy. Cannabis beverages can be made at home, or find prepared options in most states with legalized marijuana."
"We’ve got our eyes on expansion in Illinois and the northeast. Maine was our first foray into the northeast, and we’re really excited about that market and hoping to add a couple more in the region over the next six to 12 months."
"In all of the states where we launched, we've been on a very aggressive education campaign. We’re in the very early stages of the life cycle of this industry."
""..our team at Keef Brands is excited to share our flavors of great-tasting cannabis beverages, which employ the latest in infusion technology for fast-acting and consistent effects,""
"The top home-grown contender is Keef Brands at the #4 spot"
"Keef Brands, founded in 2010 in Boulder, CO as one of the original cannabis-infused beverage companies and now ranked by BDS Analytics as the country’s number one cannabis beverage brand."
"Ranked by BDS Analytics as the number one cannabis beverage brand in the US, Keef Brands is expanding its reach to Maine, Missouri, and Ohio.
“”This partnership with Keef Brands is a fantastic opportunity for BevCanna,” said John Campbell , Chief Strategy Officer at BevCanna. “Keef’s robust U.S. co-pack and distribution network will be a significant asset to BevCanna’s expansion plans in the U.
“Under the license agreement (the “Agreement”) dated April 30, 2020 , BevCanna will act as the exclusive licensee and co-packer for the award-winning Keef lines of beverages in Canada”
“Erik Knutson, the co-founder and CEO at Keef Brands, also hailed BevCanna as “an ideal partner” for Keef to move forward with in both the North American and global markets. “The team’s expertise in developing and launching appealing, innovative infused b
“The original THC infused soda pop company, Keef Cola was founded in Boulder Colorado by Erik Knutson. His award-winning traditional sodas allow you to enjoy the effects of cannabis in the beverage form. Keef Cola is revolutionizing the beverage and canna
“On the heels of its 10-year anniversary infused cannabis beverage maker Keef Brands is rebranding with a new logo, product names and packaging. The refreshed look is currently being rolled out on the company’s beverage products in Colorado and California
“THC-Infused Lemonade”
“Keef Brands, the groundbreaking developer, producer and distributor of cannabis-infused beverages, edibles, concentrates and more, has debuted a rebranded image, including a new logo, product names, lettering and labeling. The contemporary new look is cu
“Keef Brands, a Colorado cannabis company best known for its THC-infused sodas, has embraced the power of partnerships as it looks to grow the market for drinkables. Earlier this year, the company announced an agreement with CannaCraft to re-introduce its
“Social consumption lounges have the potential to be the safest places to consume and experiment with dosing. Other potential benefits of social consumption lounges are less tangible, but no less important: de-stigmatization, social connection, industry p
“Cannabis isn’t just buds and brownies anymore. Amid the mints, gummies, chocolates, rubs, and other THC-dosed incarnations, beverages are a newly established category, from dealcoholized beers and wines to energy drinks and soda pop. The latter is where