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Experience the Joy of Drinking Cannabis with Keef Brands in Missouri

Explore the world of drinking cannabis with Keef Brands in Missouri, your go-to provider of premium THC and CBD drinks. From the satisfying fizz of our to the balanced taste of our Sparkling H2O, Keef Brands offers a selection of weed-infused beverages designed to elevate your cannabis experience. Whether you’re seeking the benefits of microdosing weed or are looking for a unique, consistent THC edible, our products provide a refreshing, enjoyable way to drink cannabis, offering more flexibility than traditional weed edibles.

Discover Keef Brands’ Premium Cannabis Drinks at Missouri Dispensaries

Keef Brands offers a wide range of cannabis beverages to cater to the diverse preferences of Missouri’s cannabis consumers. Each product line is carefully crafted with pure, potent cannabis oils, providing a range of different flavors and effects.

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Classic Soda: Delicious Beverage with a THC Twist

Our Classic Soda, including Blue Razz Bubba Kush Root Beer, Orange Kush, Purple Passion, Pineapple X-Press, and Mr. Puffer, offers a nostalgic taste with a new cannabis-infused twist. Our Classic Soda products are designed to cater to both recreational and medical users. Each soda is infused with 25mg of THC extracted from hybrid weed strains, offering a potent and enjoyable way to drink THC. Crack open a can to celebrate with friends, or kick back and enhance a relaxing evening at home with our tasty THC sodas.

Classic Soda Xtreme

Keef Brands is excited to introduce our new Classic Soda Xtreme line! The 100mg drinks are known as Classic Soda Xtreme, taking your cannabis journey to new heights with a more intense THC infusion. Featuring the same fantastic flavors as our Classic Soda. Indulge in our 100mg flavors, including the Original Cola, Bubba Kush Root Beer, Mr. Puffer, Pineapple X-Press, and the exotic Orange Kush. Our Classic Soda Xtreme products are designed to cater to both recreational and medical users. You can find our products in various dispensaries across the state of Missouri. Elevate your experience today with the wonderful fusion of soda and cannabis magic through our Classic Soda Xtreme products.

Sparkling H2O: Naturally Flavored, Zero-Calorie Infused Beverage

For those seeking a low-calorie alternative to soda, Keef’s Sparkling H2O is the perfect choice. This naturally flavored ZERO calorie, ZERO sugar THC beverage comes in an invigorating Blackberry Coconut flavor, offering balanced effects with no sugar and no calories. Infused with 25 milligrams of THC and 25 milligrams of CBD extracted from hybrid strains, our Sparkling H2O makes drinking weed a delightful and delicious experience. Enjoy the crisp and rejuvenating taste of Blackberry Coconut Sparkling H2O weed seltzer as you explore the wealth of recreational activities and rich cannabis culture of Missouri. Our THC seltzer, like our Classic Sodas, is a no hangover drink, ensuring you wake up refreshed in the morning after enjoying our infused beverages.


Our Mocktails line brings the party and are perfect for higher-tolerance consumers who drink cannabis for relaxation or to relieve symptoms like anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness. With 200mg of THC per bottle, Mocktails can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or in a shot, then resealed and refrigerated for later, offering a flexible weed drink option for all types of cannabis consumers. Available in Lemonade and Fruit Punch flavors, Keef’s Mocktails offer a fun and flavorful marijuana drink experience.


Looking for an energizing pick-me-up? Our Energy line features the tropical FLO and citrusy High Octane, each infused with THC and caffeine for an invigorating cannabis edible experience. FLO combines a delicious blend of tropical flavors, while High Octane has a tangy citrus flavor with notes of lemon & lime. Each can is infused with 25mg of THC and 90mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to a little bit less than a cup of coffee for an invigorating cannabis-powered energy drink experience.

The Benefits of Microdosing Weed with Keef Brands Beverages

Keef Brands is dedicated to providing consistent cannabis products that offer flexible experiences for everyone, including those interested in microdosing cannabis. Our bottled Life H2O and Mocktails allow you to enjoy the effects of THC in a controlled, manageable way, then save any unused portion for a later occasion. This consistent, flexible approach to marijuana edibles means Keef has something to offer everyone, with microdosing THC often being reported to improve focus, creativity, and mood.

Keef Brands’ Commitment to Premium, Safe THC Drinks

The quality and safety of our products is always foremost in our minds as we are constantly considering our consumers’ experiences with our products. Each beverage is carefully crafted using premium CO2 oil extracted from rotating weed strains, ensuring consistency, purity and potency from batch to batch. Every batch is homogenized and tested for contaminants before being sent to a dispensary near you. You can be confident that, regardless of which of our THC beverages you’re enjoying, you can trust in the quality and safety of Keef Brands’ products.

Find Your Favorite THC Beverages at a Missouri Dispensary Near You

Ready to join the Keef Brands family for a remarkably unique cannabis journey? Our cannabis-infused beverages are available at various dispensaries across Missouri. Use our store locator to find the nearest location to you, and contact your local dispensary or browse their online menu for Keef product availability. Place an online order to reserve your products today for a quick and seamless dispensary pick-up experience!

Enjoy a No Hangover Drink at Your Next Celebration with Keef Mocktails

Whether you’re planning a get-together with friends or simply looking to enhance a relaxing evening at home, Keef’s THC Mocktails are the perfect choice for a no-hangover buzz. Infused with a potent dose of 200mg of THC extracted from premium CO2 oil, our Lemonade and Fruit Punch flavors provide a tasty and potent alternative to traditional alcohol beverages. Enjoy the party without the morning-after grogginess with Keef’s THC-infused Mocktails.

A Refreshing New Twist to Your Cannabis Journey

Keef Brands is revolutionizing the way people consume cannabis edibles with our wide range of cannabis-infused drinks, from our Classic Sodas to our low-calorie Life H2O and high-potency Mocktails, Keef is redefining the weed edible experience one drink at a time. Crack open an ice cold THC beverage and raise a glass to great friends and unforgettable experiences!

Experience the Keef Brands Difference

At Keef Brands, we’re not just another cannabis edible company. We are passionate about cannabis and moving the industry forward by enhancing cannabis consumers’ experiences with our high-quality infused beverages. Discover the pleasure of drinking weed with our diverse cannabis beverage line, explore the benefits of microdosing with Life H2O or Mocktails bottled THC drinks, and find your flavor today. Start your cannabis journey with Keef or elevate your edible experience today with our wide range of THC beverages.

Keef Brands weed drinks are waiting in Missouri dispensary fridges near you! Find your favorite cannabis drink and join the Keef Brands community. Visit our store locator to conveniently find a dispensary near you. Cheers to delicious flavors and memorable experiences!

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